WELCOME to a positive and a service-aimed company, 
that puts the customer in the first place.
Since 1964 have we served our own and other customers 
with among other things:

Service contracts
Repairing (chargers, batteries, forklifts)
Reconstructions and maintenance
Renting, leasing, short times
Fire inspect certificate
Driver instructions
Cabin installations
Spare parts to rivalry prices

We are following the ISO 19002 specification.
If you have some ideas where we could help or do something
for you or your companies internal transports,
let us take a part of it and leave a proposal.

We care about our customers, 
small as big; 
You mean everything for 


Tel: 0392-317 22

Best Regards

Cennet Karlsson


V.A.T. SE556354556401
Registered Office: Mullsjö
Truckgatan 8
565 91 Mullsjö
hours of Operation: 7.oo - 16.00
Closed for lunch: 12.oo - 13.oo